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For more information or business proposals see my linkedin profile.


For an example of some bash coding by me, see github.
For an example, "proof of concept", programming a graphical user interface see: sourceforge.
I also wrote a plugin for de trac platform, see: trac-hacks .

I can also help you creating a website, from scratch as: Shiatsu summer course ( with graphics by Chiara ).
Or using a cms like joomla, example: summer house in Italy .
If you came here for noisecalculator, it is currently not available. For information on the subject I recommend rigoletto .


I created two data files to play with.

- numbers 2 till 319999 decomposed into prime factors: factor3199999_3 ( 4 MB )
- all prime numbers between one and one million: priem-1m-1.txt (540 KB)

Linip  2017